Do I need to book a pitch?

Yes! If you wish to be guaranteed a pitch, please visit our "Book a pitch" page to choose.

Will the sale still be on if it rains?

Yes the sale will still be on, please be mindful of the lovely English weather and come prepared with a big umbrella or gazebo so your goods do not get ruined! 

What time do sellers arrive?

We require sellers to arrive between 10.15am-10.45am to give themselves enough time to unload and set up before we open at 11.15am

Can I bring my dog?

No- unfortunately no dogs allowed on site.

How big are the tables?

The tables we have available are roughly 6 ft. If you bring your own, please ensure it is no bigger than 6ft as we have to accommodate everyone fairly.

If my friend has a stall, can we be next to each other?

Absolutely (providing you have the same pitch type) we will do our best to get you next to each other! 

Can I sell food?

No- unfortunately no selling food! We have an on site cafe full of treats :)

Can I bring a gazebo?

You can bring a gazebo if it is weighted down properly. If we feel like it is too big or not suitable, we will kindly ask you to bring it down. 

Terms & Conditions:

  • All pitches are pre-allocated once reserved. You have the right to occupy your allocated pitch until 2.30pm and to be off site by 3pm at the latest. This applies to all buyers!

  • No refunds or exchanges on pitches that are booked and paid for.

  • In case of rain, bring an umbrella!! If the weather is severe and we are forced to cancel the event, we will contact you by text or email prior to the event.

  • By booking a stall with Fulham Carboot, you declare and agree that you are a member of the public attending the event with the purpose of selling your own second-hand property, and not a professional seller or trader

  • You are required to take all of your rubbish and unsold items as we do not have a rubbish facility. Please come prepared and bring bin liners for you to take your own rubbish home. Fly tipping and littering are an illegal offence.

  • Smoking & vaping is strictly NOT permitted on site. If you wish to smoke, you will be asked to get a stamp to leave the premises and return when finished. Anyone found smoking will be asked to leave the site immediately without any compensation. 

  • Anyone under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult.

  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden on site- for consumption & sale.

  • Animals are not allowed on site.

  • Sellers agree to vacate the premises by 3pm with all of their belongings.

  • Items forbidden for sale: knives, illegal items, alcohol, stolen goods, counterfeit goods and anything deemed to be a weapon or an offensive item by management, anyone selling these will be asked to leave. 

  • Management reserve the right to decline entry, regardless whether you have paid or reserved a pitch

  • Sellers who drive are required to park their vehicles off site in the permitted areas (parking restrictions are free on Sunday) 

  • Any goods bought or sold by vendors/customers are at your own risk. We do not take any responsibility.

  • We will not take any responsibility for any items that are lost, stolen or damaged. 

  • Management can adapt these terms & conditions at any time without notice.